20+ Nations Gather for Global Changemakers Summit 2024


In a display of global unity and commitment to positive change, the Global Changemakers Summit and Award, organized by Project 100, unfolded in Bangkok, Thailand. Project 100, a global membership-based organization dedicated to creating social and environmental peace for all, serves as a powerful network of influential leaders. The organization’s mission revolves around fostering regenerative global development through international cooperation, commerce, diplomacy, and grassroots action.

The summit, hosted under the theme of Social and Environmental Peace (SEP), aimed to delve deeper into the realms of social peace, transcending the mere absence of conflict to nurture conditions that allow individuals to realize their full potential. SEP also addressed critical issues such as discrimination, economic disparities, and limited access to healthcare and education, and ensured inclusive decision-making. The often-overlooked aspect of humans respecting the environment and coexisting harmoniously with nature was highlighted, recognizing that peace is unattainable unless the complete cycle is functional.

The Chief Guest of the summit was Dr. Praphaporn Chantarasamee, the Director of the International Cooperation Division at the Office of the Prime Minister of Thailand. As the representative of the Prime Minister, she shared the vision of the high office and extended their support for the initiative. H.E Bu Abdullah, a distinguished Emirati business mogul, brought his insights into the realms of business and innovation.

Adding an international diplomatic flair to the summit, Mr. El Mostafa TRIFAIA, the Minister-Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, lent his presence as a Special Guest. Alongside, Ms. Merina Xareal, First Secretary at The Embassy of Timor-Leste, represented the commitment of Timor-Leste to positive change. Other prominent figures in attendance included Mr. Krit Suwanvilaikul, President of the Educational and Cultural Promotion Organization of Thailand, and Mr. Bantom Sitthipha, Advisor to the President of the Anti-Corruption Commission. Their collective presence underscored the summit’s commitment to fostering positive change on a global scale.

The highlight of the summit was the recognition and awarding of the 50 outstanding individuals who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and impact in their respective fields. From the realm of Art and Culture, Mr. Nandana Hewapanna stood out, while Ms. Yeukai Tshwanelo was honored for her contributions to Women Empowerment and Healthcare. Leadership was acknowledged through the recognition of Mr. Herald Tshwanelo and Deepto Chakraborty. Azma Hassan, Md Mokhlesur Rahman, Ph.D., and Harsh Raj Dwivedi were lauded for their contributions to Entrepreneurship, showcasing their dedication to driving positive change through innovation and business acumen.

The field of Education saw multiple awardees, including Suraj Urang, Sarita Kumari Singh, Lord Ravinder Kumar Sharma, J M Rizwan, Dendi Sherpa, Dr. Ekrah Ndungu, Prof. Dr. Manas Roy, Yerraguravagari Kishore Kumar, Elvana Shala, and Harsh Raj Dwivedi. Each of these individuals has left an indelible mark on the landscape of education, showcasing their commitment to knowledge dissemination and societal upliftment. MD Nazmul Alam was recognized for his contributions to International Charity Consultancy, while Marco Degl’innocenti received accolades for his role in Innovation. Bissessur Rishideo was acknowledged in the field of Healthcare, further emphasizing the summit’s commitment to well-being and public health.

Corporate excellence was recognized through the award given to Guardnow Security Group(K) Ltd, showcasing the importance of responsible corporate citizenship. Shinalee Peiris stood out in Information Technology, highlighting the critical role of technology in driving positive change and innovation. Mohamed Hashim Nihad received accolades for his contributions to Global Leadership and Environment Stewardship Excellence, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices on a global scale. The field of Sales and Marketing saw recognition for J M Rizwan, showcasing the pivotal role of effective marketing in driving positive change.

HR Consulting and Entrepreneurship were recognized through the achievements of Paul Ngugi, highlighting the importance of human resources in organizational success and the vital role of entrepreneurship in shaping economies. The banking sector and social welfare were represented by Mr. Priyananth Kailayapillal MBA, PMAF, and Dr. Sabita Bhandari, underlining the critical role of finance in societal development. Social service was acknowledged through the commendable efforts of MR. Yokananth Nadarajah and Oliver Moirangthem.

Ranjeeta Priyadarshini was lauded for her contributions to Gender Mainstreaming, showcasing the importance of promoting gender equality in societal structures. Mr. Fahim Shariar was recognized for his contributions to Tech and Innovation, highlighting the pivotal role of technology in shaping the future. Tharshan Nandakumar’s efforts in Community and Welfare were acknowledged, showcasing the importance of community-driven initiatives in fostering positive change. Spiritual Guidance and Leadership were acknowledged through the recognition of Md. Anwaruzzaman Azad, emphasizing the role of spiritual leaders in societal well-being.

Dinesh Chandra Biswas received accolades for his contributions to the environment, highlighting the growing importance of environmental sustainability. Ambassador Dr. Vijay Kishore Bansal was recognized for his contributions to social work, showcasing the importance of diplomatic efforts in fostering positive change. SP Deepak Thilak received acknowledgment for his contributions to the business sector, showcasing the pivotal role of business in societal development. Prof. Dr. Manas Roy was honored for his contributions to education, underscoring the crucial role of education in shaping future generations.

The diverse spectrum of awardees also included Yerraguravagari Kishore Kumar in the field of Education, Elvana Shala for Human Rights, Dr. Sabita Bhandari for Banking, Yegireddi Satyanarayana for Geoscience, Er. Kumari Vinita for Engineering and Technology Education, Nidhi Pandey for Art and Culture, Anita Santosh Tilve for Social Work, DK Sinha for Literature and Journalism, and Sri. Nageshwor Rao for Geoscience.

The Global Changemakers Summit and Award showcased the power of individuals to drive positive change, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and celebrating those who are dedicated to making a lasting impact on society. The event concluded on a high note, inspiring attendees and participants to continue their efforts towards creating a thriving future.

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