A greener Parliament Hill? House of Commons looking into swapping out shuttles for EV option


The House of Commons is investigating more environmentally friendly options, including the possibility of switching from its parliamentary precinct shuttles to electric vehicle substitutes. In order to determine whether it would be feasible to transition the more than a dozen shuttles that are currently in use, battery-powered vehicle manufacturers have been contacted through a recent online request for information. In downtown Ottawa, these shuttles are essential for moving senators, members of parliament, and staff between the different parliamentary buildings.

A representative for the Speaker’s office, Mathieu Gravel, emphasized that the possible switch to electric cars fits in with the larger plan to make the parliamentary precinct greener. He underlined the necessity of moving toward a more environmentally friendly future by saying, “We have to start somewhere.”

The Board of Internal Economy, which oversees the House of Commons, is responsible for handling the information request, which is part of a larger lifecycle assessment of the shuttle fleet. Notably, this is the first time an alternative to electric vehicles is being explored as a possibility.

Although the EVs might be perfect for the relatively short circuit that the shuttles travel, Gravel challenged popular assumptions about the size of the parliamentary precinct by highlighting the importance of the precinct’s wider reach. He emphasized the MPs’ frequent use of the shuttles and the significance of taking into account more environmentally friendly options.

Gravel recognized that the government was committed to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles, stating that 60% of vehicles sold by 2030 and 100% by 2035 would be electric. The continuous endeavor to enhance the environmental friendliness of government fleets is consistent with the efforts that date back to 2018.

The information request is seen as the first stage of the fleet review procedure. Gravel mentioned that a formal request for proposals might come next if workable solutions match the fleet’s service needs. All things considered, this investigation shows that parliamentary operations are becoming more environmentally conscious and conscious of green alternatives.

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