Biodiversity discussions are hosted by Carolyn Thomas MS at Welsh Parliament.


24 organizations from all throughout Wales were welcomed to the Senedd by the Member of the Senedd for North Wales for the inaugural of what she hopes will be an annual event.

Last week, Carolyn Thomas MS organized a Senedd Biodiversity event that brought together organizations from all around Wales for networking and a chance to meet Welsh Parliament decision-makers. Both the public and members of the Senedd turned out in large numbers for the ceremony.

The UK has lost 97% of its wildflower meadows, and 1 in 6 species are in risk of going extinct. The purpose of today’s event was to draw attention to the state of the environment and the urgency of taking action to undo the harm already done.

Huw Irranca-Davies MS, the recently appointed Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Rural Affairs, also spoke at the occasion and outlined the Welsh Government’s intentions for addressing the environmental issue.

“The United Kingdom is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world, so events like these to promote the importance of protecting biodiversity are so important,” Carolyn Thomas MS, who was speaking at the event, said. We appreciate all of the participating organizations’ hard work and commitment to preserving our natural environments.”I’ve been collaborating with local government agencies and other organizations on an initiative called It’s for Them that focuses on amenity grass for nature and grass verges. We can all contribute to the promotion of biodiversity by planting pollinators in our gardens, getting involved in Wildlife Trust programs, or getting in touch with your local government.

The Badger Trust, Botanic Gardens of Wales, Botanical, Buglife Cymru, Society of Britain and Ireland, Butterfly Conservation, Campaign for National Parks, Museum Wales, The Woodland Trust, LERC, Hedgehog Helpline, National Trust, National Peatland Action Programme, Plantlife Cymru, RSPB, Soil Association Cymru, Local Nature Partnerships, Wildlife Trust, Wildlife Trust North Wales, WWF, Marine Conservation Trust, Its for Them, and Plant Health in Wales are among the organizations that attended.

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