Campaign “Use Your Vote” is launched by the European Parliament


In order to increase voter turnout in advance of the June 7 European elections, the European Parliament in Ireland has started the “Use Your Vote” campaign.

In order to show the public the effects of the EU on everyday life in Ireland, especially in Mayo, and the reasons behind voting in the European elections, EPLO is organizing a series of events.

In conjunction with the campaign’s launch, Red C released the results of recent public research regarding Irish attitudes toward the EU.

According to poll results, most people acknowledge that Ireland has benefited greatly from being a member of the EU, particularly in terms of human rights, labor availability, and travel freedom.

Seven out of ten respondents think that Ireland’s general quality of life has increased as a result of EU membership.

The new study shows that there is broad consensus that many of our most significant laws originate in the EU, which gives Ireland a crucial democratic layer.

There is also broad consensus that the safeguarding of online safety, workers’ rights and employment law, environmental protection and climate action, and human rights and equality depend on the shared nature of regulations and directives among member states. This ensures that no member state can undercut others by having lower standards.

Most Irish people acknowledge the significance of having representation in the EU.

The majority of respondents to the poll believe that it is critical for Ireland to have MEPs who will actively represent the country’s interests in the EU.

Additionally, the study reveals that three out of every four Irish adults are interested in learning more about the activities of the European Parliament.

A new short film, released as part of the EU-wide “Use Your Vote” campaign, features EU citizens who were present at some of the most turbulent and important events in recent European history.

In this four-minute film, grandparents describe to their grandchildren the life-altering events they went through.

The purpose of their testimonies is to make a strong statement about how crucial it is to participate in European elections in order to preserve democracy for coming generations. You can watch the short film on the “Use Your Vote” website.

“Use Your Vote,” a four-minute film featuring Europeans who have personally experienced the transformative power of democracy, is the centerpiece of our campaign, according to Fionnuala Croker, head of office (acting) of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Ireland, who attended the campaign launch in Midlands-North-West. These remarkable people wished to share their life stories with their grandchildren and the larger European future generation.

Their testimonies demonstrate why voting is an important right that we should not take for granted. Our democracy is stronger the more people who participate in voting. We therefore want to maximize the number of attendees on June 7.

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