Climate protestors like Greta Thunberg are obstructing the entrance to the Swedish parliament.


Stockholm (AP) — On Monday, a group of climate activists, among them Greta Thunberg, blocked the entrance to the Swedish parliament in support of broad changes aimed at addressing global catastrophes.

About forty protestors, holding signs that said “Climate Justice Now,” sat in front of the main doorway of the 349-seat Riksdagen, among other entrances. The Swedish media reported that MPs entered the parliament through alternate doors.

Thunberg told The Associated Press, “We feel like we are not being heard because the climate justice movement has been repeating the same message over and over again, like a broken record, for decades.”

Protesters against climate change have said that fossil fuel companies are purposefully delaying the world’s energy shift to renewable sources in order to increase their profits.

After holding weekly protests outside the Swedish parliament beginning in 2018, 21-year-old Thunberg has sparked a global youth movement calling for more efforts to combat climate change.

She has received fines from Sweden and the UK on multiple occasions for defying the law during protests. She was found not guilty earlier this year of defying a police order to disperse from a protest that was obstructing the entrance to a significant oil and gas industry conference in London. “Significant deficiencies in the evidence” were mentioned by the judge.

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