EU Council and Parliament decide to outlaw goods produced using forced labor.


Reuters, March 5, Brussels – A tentative agreement was achieved on Tuesday between the European Union Council and the European Parliament to prohibit the sale of goods produced using forced labor within the European single market.
The agreement makes clear the various roles that the EU Commission and the member states have in identifying and outlawing the products of businesses that abuse forced labor.
The agreement aims to disrupt these businesses’ economic models, according to a statement from Belgium’s Economy and Labor Minister Pierre-Yves Dermagne.Whether their products are made in Europe or elsewhere, we want to ensure that there is no place for them on our single market with this rule,” he stated. The rotating presidency of the EU is presently held by Belgium.
The prohibitions would apply to both items made in the EU that contain components made outside the EU using forced labor and goods made outside the EU.
For the interim agreement to be put into effect, the European Parliament and Council must yet formally ratify it.
Inti Landauro reported; Michael Perry edited

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