Funded by Vasakpoole to compete in the elections for the European Parliament


Prior to registration, independent candidates and political parties must pay the bond to the Ministry of Finance. If the parties or candidates receive at least 5% of the total votes, it will be reimbursed.

“Vasakpoolsed is not interested in maximizing business profits at the expense of employees. But this implies that companies don’t want to fund a left-wing party. That’s why the Estonian United Left Party, or Vasakpoolsed, will only be able to participate in the European elections with the help of generous donors, according to the party’s website.

The party’s main platform is to campaign for the replacement of the present 40-hour work week with a 32-hour work week throughout the EU. Jane Priimägi, a 24-year-old, is its candidate.

“I am concerned about the greening of the green revolution, where nothing will change for the better for the climate and only big corporations will benefit,” Priimägi stated on the party’s Facebook, expressing her desire to run for the European Parliament.

Party candidate list for EU elections is confirmed by Eesti 200.
The party’s manifesto outlines five objectives:

1. The EU should adopt a 32-hour workweek.

2. Connect worker pay to inflation in the EU.

3. Back nuclear power as a green energy source.

4. Make sure people who incur extra costs as a result of the shift to a green economy receive compensation.

5. Include an environmental impact assessment with each product, taking into account its whole lifecycle from manufacture to disposal.

The United Left Party of Estonia was taken over by a youth group last year; the party has been charged with having pro-Russian views on several occasions.

In February, Robert Kiisler, the party’s director of strategy, told ERR that the organization aims to become a left-wing, progressive party that is favorable to Estonia. He asserted that it is less difficult to transform an established party than to start one from scratch.

The group also intends to adopt the new name Vasakpoolsed.

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