Greta Thunberg is obstructing the Swedish parliament with her climate protest.


Greta Thunberg and roughly fifty other activists organized a protest outside the parliament of her home nation, where she accused Sweden of being “very good at greenwashing.”

The activists sat outside the main entrance to Sweden’s government buildings in Stockholm on Monday morning in an attempt to prevent MPs from leaving for work. She claimed that they were acting as a group of concerned, mostly young persons rather than on behalf of a certain organization.

With the Swedish prime minister Ulf Kristersson and other prominent officials in Brussels for the country’s official flag-raising ceremony outside NATO headquarters following its admission last week, the action took place on a day of great significance for the Swedish government.”Unfortunately, Sweden is not unique in completely ignoring the climate crisis and not treating it as an emergency at all,” stated the 21-year-old climate campaigner. However, they are deliberately attempting to mislead, cheat, and practice greenwashing to give the impression that they are making progress and are doing enough, when in reality, the exact opposite is occurring.

She went on, “Sweden in particular is extremely excellent at greenwashing and positioning themselves as a climate leader, especially when we look at past emissions. We have very high emissions per capita if we consider all of our emissions, including consumption-based and biogenic emissions, etc. Therefore, we are by no means a climate leader.The Moderate party-led coalition government in Sweden, which is centre-right and depends on the far-right Sweden Democrats for backing, has been under fire recently for its plans to implement measures that will significantly raise emissions in order to meet climate targets.

Thunberg observed that “people seem to be physically incapable of focusing on several things at the same time” everywhere in the world. In order to ensure a fair transition, she continued, “We need to be able to address the climate crisis in a way that addresses all the other root causes as well.”According to Thunberg, the purpose of the demonstration on Monday was to draw attention to the ways in which “the people in power are ignoring the most affected and activists and young people and the science” as well as the deaths caused by the climate issue. As an alternative, she charged that politicians were “prioritizing short-term economic profits,” which she described as “sacrificing human life and the planet in the name of greed.”She noted that although similar protests have taken place in other parts of the world, this particular form of action was unprecedented in Sweden.

Scientists and those who are most impacted by climate change have been raising the alarm for much longer than that, she claimed, and the climate justice movement has spent decades trying to spread its message. “Yet those in positions of authority have not only been silent when others speak out, they have been actively ignoring them,”

To lend their support, climate scientists also attended the event.

We have reached out to the Swedish police, who are reportedly present at the demonstration, for a response.

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