In the Maldives parliamentary elections, President Muizzu’s party wins handily.


Six months after ascending to the presidency of the nation, President Mohamed Muizzu now has considerable authority over the legislature thanks to the People’s National Congress (PNC), which is currently in power in the Maldives, winning a sizable majority in Sunday’s parliamentary elections. The leader promised to strengthen strategic ties with China and wanted the Indian troops to leave the island nation.
In Sunday’s fragmented contest, in which six political parties and numerous independent groups competed, fielding 368 candidates for the 93 seats in Parliament, or the People’s Majlis, early leads quickly converted into a commanding majority for the PNC. Local media said that, pending official results, the PNC was expected to win roughly 60 of the 93 seats in Parliament, giving it a “super majority.”

The results of the poll essentially put President Muizzu in control of the Maldivian Parliament, which was previously ruled by the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). This is the case notwithstanding a notable rift in Mr. Muizzu’s political faction caused by former President Abdulla Yameen’s decision to launch a new party in the latter part of last year.
President Muizzu was able to carry out his pledge to send the Indian soldiers back, made before the presidential election, despite the fact that he confronts many obstacles, particularly on the economic front (the IMF has warned that the nation is at high risk of debt distress). In response to his unwavering insistence, New Delhi consented to swap out its military troops for civilians by May 10. Additionally, during his state visit to China earlier this year, Mr. Muizzu promised to strengthen strategic ties with that country.According to Fuwad Thowfeek, the chairman of the Elections Commission, 76% of eligible voters cast ballots in Sunday’s Maldivian parliamentary election, as reported by The Hindu from Male. “The percentage of voters has decreased from 81% in 2019; however, there has been an approximate 1,000 increase in the total number of voters,” he stated.

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