Iraqi Federal Court Opens the Way for Election of a New Parliament Speaker


A parliamentary decision to postpone the election of a new speaker was declared invalid by the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court on Tuesday, paving the way for a quicker selection procedure that had been hampered by months of political squabbling. Following Mohammed al-Halbousi’s dismissal, the court’s decision opened the door for a fresh effort to occupy the crucial legislative position.

On January 14, when parliament attempted to choose a new speaker, controversy broke out. With 152 votes, Shaalan al-Karim defeated Salim al-Eisawi (97 votes) and Mahmoud al-Mashhadani (48 votes) to take the lead. However, Acting Speaker Mohsen al-Mandalawi decided to postpone further proceedings indefinitely due to heated arguments during the session.

The selection process has been rekindled by this judicial intervention, which is a crucial development for Iraq’s legislative body. Sunni parliamentary factions are principally involved in the speakership contest. The Taqaddum Party, which was previously led by al-Halbousi, has insisted that the next speaker come from within its ranks; however, other Sunni organizations that support more representation have objected to this demand.

The Coordination Framework, a coalition of Shiite parties, added to the urgency on Monday when it demanded that Sunni blocs finalize their nominee within a week. The purpose of this deadline is to guarantee that the session to choose the new speaker doesn’t get delayed any further.

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