Ms. Irma Sinkovek Highlights Slovenia’s Gender Equality Achievements at International Women Parliament Conclave 2023


New Delhi – Ms. Irma Sinkovek, the Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi, delivered an inspiring speech at the International Women Parliament Conclave & Iconic Women Award 2023, shedding light on Slovenia’s remarkable achievements in the realm of gender equality. Ms. Sinkovek’s address was met with applause and admiration from the global audience gathered to celebrate women’s empowerment and advocacy for gender parity.

In her eloquent speech, Ms. Sinkovek proudly outlined Slovenia’s notable milestones in achieving gender equality over the past year, particularly in 2022. She highlighted that Slovenian parliament recorded highest percentage of women in parliament recently. Ms. Irma Sinkovek also underscored the election of women to key positions such as the presidency, parliamentary speaker, and foreign affairs ministry.

Additionally, Ms. Sinkovek proudly announced that one-third of Slovenia’s ambassadors are female, showcasing the nation’s commitment to promoting gender diversity in its diplomatic corps.

During her speech, Ms. Sinkovek underscored that gender equality is considered a fundamental human rights issue in Slovenia, and the government remains unwavering in its dedication to promoting equal opportunities for all. She further revealed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is actively preparing a national feminist foreign policy strategy, illustrating the nation’s ongoing commitment to advancing the rights and opportunities of women in international diplomacy.

Ms. Sinkovek’s address served as a powerful reminder of the progress made in Slovenia towards gender equality and highlighted the nation’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable society. Her speech was met with enthusiasm and acclaim, resonating with the broader mission of the International Women Parliament Conclave 2023 to celebrate and advocate for women’s empowerment and gender equality on a global scale.

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