New steps taken by the European Parliament to combat conflict and harassment in its offices


Brussels The European Parliament has moved closer to adopting new procedural rules that would require all MEPs to undergo a mandatory conflict and harassment in the workplace course beginning with the upcoming parliamentary term (vote is scheduled for June 6-9).

By a vote of 15 to 9, the report presented to the Constitutional Affairs Committee was accepted. By requiring specific training for MPs, the goal is to reinforce Parliament’s regulations on workplace harassment and conflict resolution. If Members of Parliament fail to finish these courses within the first half of their term, they will be penalized and will not be eligible to run for election in the legislature, be assigned as rapporteurs, or lead a delegation.

If the leaders of the political groups and the President of the European Parliament are unable to complete the formation, the Conference of Presidents has the authority to propose to the plenary that any elected officeholder be removed, provided that the recommendation is supported by a three-fifths majority of at least three groups.

The passage of the legislation would be a significant advancement, according to the rapporteur Gabriele Bischoff (S&D, DE), who stated that “Parliament has a duty to set the gold standard in the fight against harassment in the workplace, with clear rules and strong sanctions with a zero-tolerance approach.” The lawmaker claims that “mandatory training reinforces our commitment to a workplace where everyone’s dignity is respected and protected” and that “prevention is key because it allows us to address problems proactively.”

Five courses addressing hiring assistants, efficient team management, the financial and administrative aspects of parliamentary support, and harassment avoidance will make up the “How to create a good and well-functioning team” program. It is anticipated that the report would be presented during the plenary meeting in Brussels on April 10 and 11.

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