Outside parliament, demonstrators are furious at Tory support for Israel.


On Wednesday night, in London, up to 400 protestors gathered outside Parliament to express their outrage over the Tories’ backing of Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

Socialist Worker was told by protestor Rachel, “I’m here because I have humanity.” The prejudice and hypocrisy of the West is killing children. It is incorrect.

“Protesting does work, despite what some people claim. We can make a greater effect the more of us that band together.

Rachel claims she is at a loss for words when it comes to the West’s backing of Israel’s assault in Gaza. She remarked, “It still shocks me, but I’m also not surprised anymore.”While Rishi Sunak talks about preserving British values, consider the values he actually possesses. Even though there is a record amount of homelessness in Britain, we can still transfer money to Israel to slaughter children. must keep advocating, boycotting, and speaking out.

Demonstrators Olivia expressed her anger to the Socialist Worker. Democracy cannot exist while the majority is disregarded. I’m annoyed by the hypocrisy all the time. Israel is not defending itself; rather, it is criticizing nations similar to Iran.

“We have not only established Israel, but we are also actively supplying it with weapons and providing defense for it. A few of my friends believe that Keir Starmer will take action once he gains power. It’s time to take action, though.The level of camaraderie seen during the nationwide marches has been astounding. We must continue.

Along with the weapons firms that profit from killing, protestors were furious. They shouted, “UK government, Keir Starmer, Joe Biden, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide,” and “No sanctions, no vote.”

“We’re here to send a clear message,” Muslim Association of Britain spokesperson Sahlem said to the assembly. The murderous state is to receive £600 million, but neither the NHS nor efforts to eliminate child poverty are funded. Israel is determined to carry out genocide; it is not defending itself.Politicians with two faces wept for Ukraine, but they are incapable of feeling sympathy for Gaza. We declare that enough is enough. We take no role in this purging of ethnicity.

“And we promise to hold those who uphold the apartheid state accountable.”According to Zahra Ibrahim of the Muslim Forum of Britain, his grandmother passed away three days ago in north Gaza due to starvation. Furthermore, Israel murdered 16 of his family members last month.

People in Palestine may see they’re not alone in this by walking the streets. The roughly 19,000 Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails, many of whom are kept without charge or trial, are not discussed. During the Day to Remember Palestinian Prisoners, he criticized the “hypocrisy.”Which nation, adhering to international law, murders more than 17,000 children? Until this is over, we have to turn up every day,” he stated.

We’re not content to stop fighting. We want the perpetrators of the massacre to be held accountable and put on trial.

Israel, according to Emily of the Campaign Against Arms, “is breaking international law.” She remarked, “Yet the UK should be suspending sales and instead is sending arms.” “Genocide is bringing in record revenues for arms corporations. However, common people are acting.It is up to us. An embargo is almost upon us, but it is insufficient. We must make use of the authority we possess.

“We cannot allow the government and the armaments companies to commit these crimes, so we must continue to put pressure on them.”

At the upcoming national march on April 27, protestors must turn out in “bigger numbers than ever,” according to Stop The War’s Shabir Lakha. Additionally, he stated that the May 1 workplace day of action needs to “have as much impact as possible.”

Britain scrambles to defend Israel. So we have to continue to bring this country to a standstill,” he said. “They’re scared of us. It’s why the racist Met police tries to shut our demonstrations down.”

After the rally finished, protesters stood off against pro-Israel supporters chanting for a free-Palestine and, “The whole damn system, shut it down.”

The next national demonstration has to be bigger than ever to hold Britain, the US and Israel to account for their brutality.

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