Pakistani election officials have declined former Prime Minister Khan’s candidacy in the next parliamentary election.


According to reports on Saturday, Pakistani election officials have rejected former prime minister Imran Khan’s candidacy for the upcoming February parliamentary election. Even though Khan was serving a three-year prison sentence for corruption and was facing numerous other charges, he submitted nomination papers in August after his criminal conviction was suspended by an appeals court.

According to official documents, Khan’s candidacy was rejected on the grounds of his conviction and his disqualification under the constitution. Former members of his cabinet were also covered by this decision. This setback coincides with a wider government crackdown on Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party.

Imran Khan, a 71-year-old former cricketer and the country’s most popular opposition figure, was ousted from office in April 2022 following a no-confidence vote in Parliament. Since then, various government agencies have pursued legal action against him.

Khan’s lawyers have announced their intention to appeal the decision, alleging bias on the part of the Election Commission and attributing Khan’s disqualification to “invisible forces.” Another lawyer, Rai Muhammad Ali, characterized the rejection of Khan’s papers as an injustice to Pakistan and emphasized the need for transparent elections, expressing determination not to let such situations impede the electoral process.

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