Parliament approves Anglu Xuereb’s illegal lidos with a rubber stamp.


In a matter of minutes, the National Audit Accounts Committee unanimously authorized a settlement between AX Holdings and the Lands Authority, absolving developer and hotelier Anglu Xuereb of 37 years of illegalities.

Anglu Xuereb and the government reached an agreement to forgo their ongoing court battles in return for paying a meager €2 million punishment for unlawfully occupying the public seashore in Qawra since 1987.

After years of secret negotiations, an arrangement was reached that also permits Xuereb to pay the fine in installments over a ten-year period.

In addition, Xuereb will receive legal title to the property he used to construct his lidos at the Suncrest and Sunny Coast Hotels for the next 65 years in exchange for a €138,000 annual concession charge.

Only opposing committee members raised issues, and the transaction was accepted in a matter of minutes.

The government stated that access to the seaside will continue despite the lido occupying 5,800 square meters of public land. PN MP Darren Carabott inquired about this matter.

When PN MP David Agius questioned the methodology used to determine the punishment, Lands Minister Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi insisted that it was the product of “valuations and negotiations.”The proposal was approved by Labour and PN MPs after a brief debate. Last week, The Shift predicted that this would happen.

Anglu Xuereb unlawfully took up vast stretches of the Qawra shoreline in front of his hotel during the early 1980s Suncrest Hotel construction, converting them into two private lidos.

In 1991, legal action was taken against Xuereb. They never came to an agreement, which is how the settlement came about.

The lidos have been transformed into fully operational commercial buildings throughout time, complete with eateries, retail stores, and a private parking lot.

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