Parliament is still debating the RA Prosecutor’s Office’s 2023 activity schedule.


The National Assembly’s discussion of the agenda item regarding the RA Prosecutor’s Office’s activities for 2023 was carried over to its May 6 meeting.

The Prosecutor’s Office annual program, the structure’s activity, systemic issues and changes, the independence of the legal system, the impossibility of enforcing double standards, and the fundamentals of a comprehensive strategy for speech suppression were among the topics discussed by the deputies during their idea-sharing session.

The faction representatives discussed their positions on the matter at hand.

In his speech, Artur Khachatryan, a member of the RA NA Armenia Faction, stated that in addition to the statistical data, the program would probably include an analysis component. He also brought up the issue of delimitation, pointing out that it had not previously been discussed in relation to the documents used to carry out the delimitation process.

The NA President spoke on behalf of the RA NA Civil Contract Faction. He declared that it is obvious that every effort is being made to involve Armenia in the conflict and to set up circumstances that will allow for the implementation of a power shift in the Republic of Armenia.

“I believe that in order to bring about a change in power, some people are generally prepared to sell their souls, while others have already done so in addition to selling what they can.

I wonder if you believe that the people of the Republic of Armenia have not understood and still do not understand what happened on September 27. What is happening? Which forces are focused? Which forces do they control? How come they command the forces?… The objective is not to establish the Republic of Armenia or a unit in Russia-Belarus, for example, with a subservient government as it has had for thirty years.

Alen Simonyan emphasized that they would not allow Armenia to become an independent nation. The President of the National Assembly stated, “Armenia has and will have its distinct borders, Armenia will be forever, the people of the Republic of Armenia will make their choice.”

Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan addressed the concerns brought forth by the MPs in her closing remarks. She talked about hate speech, calls for violence, hooliganism, concerns about the use of disproportionate force, crime, and an increase in violent incidents.

“I know that everyone wants to see our Motherland safe, but if we constantly use hate speech to communicate with each other, how can we possibly solve the security problems within our own nation? The answer is unquestionably no, Anna Vardapetyan said, adding that her experience with the legal system is similar. She emphasized that neither they nor the legal system would be permitted to engage in any political discourse or engage in any provocative or unlawful conversation within society.

The annual program on the activities of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office was taken into a note in compliance with the Rules of Procedure, a constitutional law.

The parliament concluded the regular session by discussing the agenda.

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