Parliament Requests That Supreme Court Consider Anti-Gay Cases More Quickly


Parliament has formally requested that the Supreme Court expedite the proceedings regarding the interlocutory injunctions filed against the legislation by gender activist Dr. Amanda Odoi and private attorney Richard Dela Sky in an effort to speed up the resolution of legal challenges to the anti-gay bill.

Citing constitutional violations of the rights of gays, Sky and Odoi have each separately filed lawsuits in an attempt to stop the anti-gay bill from being passed.

expressing worry about these cases’ protracted adjudication.Parliament notes that while the disputes raised by Sky and Odoi are still unresolved, a comparable matter involving MP for South Dayi, Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor, has been handled quickly.

The urgent need to settle the outstanding legal problems was emphasized by legal representatives for Parliament from Sory@ Law, Barristers and Solicitors in a letter to the Registrar of the Supreme Court on Thursday, March 28, 2024.

The correspondence expressed that “early scheduling of the parties’ hearing to expedite the applications pending before the Court would be greatly appreciated.” We hope that you will read our message carefully because the applications touch on topics of public concern.The National Democratic Congress (NDC), meanwhile, has expressed worries about alleged bias in the court system and questioned why the trial of the South Dayi MP’s application was expedited in contrast to the ongoing case of Richard Dela Sky’s anti-LGBTQ bill. The President decided to temporarily halt the transmission of the anti-gay measure for presidential approval in light of the growing legal challenges.

Parliament’s proactive move to urge the Supreme Court to give priority to resolving the ongoing legal disputes signals a heightened focus on confronting and addressing the complex legal and societal ramifications associated with the controversial anti-gay legislation, as tensions surrounding it continue to rise.

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