Parliament security breach: The accused, Neelam Azad, petitions the Delhi High Court for an expedient release.


She claimed in her plea that she was not given the chance to retain the attorney of her choice to represent her in the remand hearings. On Wednesday, the accused in the security breach at Parliament, Neelam Azad, filed a petition in the Delhi High Court requesting her immediate release.

Azad disputed the validity of the December 21 remand ruling. She said in her plea that she was only allowed to speak with a lawyer 29 hours after her arrest, which raised questions about due process.

One of the six people detained by the police in relation to the security breach at the Lok Sabha was Neelam Azad, who had been living in Hisar to pursue higher education.

During farmer protests, a 37-year-old lady from Ghaso Khurd village, Neelam Azad, was reportedly arrested with the mother of wrestler Sakshi Malik and farmer leader Sikkim Nain.

Neelam’s brother Ramniwas told PTI about her arrest, saying, “I got a call from my older brother telling me to switch on the TV right away. He told me that Neelam was taken into custody in Delhi.” “Her Haryana Teachers Eligibility Test certificate had expired, and I advised her to go to Hisar for coaching,” he continued, providing more clarification.

Ramniwas disclosed that his sister had returned to the hamlet a few days prior after passing the National Eligibility Test (NET). She did not, however, bring up the Parliament protest during her visit. “I spoke to my daughter this morning, and she asked me to regularly take my medicines,” Neelam’s mother said. We had no idea she had traveled to Delhi.”

I’m not sure why she did this, though. Maybe she did it so she could get a job,” her mother continued.

Five to six months ago, Azad relocated to Hisar in order to be ready for the Haryana civil services exam. Prior to her detention, Azad had been unemployed for six months and was studying hard for competitive examinations while lodging in a paid guest house in Delhi. Her father is a confectioner, and both of her brothers are active in the village’s milk sales. She is a native of Kumhar.

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