Quader has emphasized that the determination of the opposition party in parliament will be at the discretion of the Prime Minister.


Following the poll, Quader reported that two candidates from the 14-party alliance and numerous candidates from the Jatiya Party, the current opposition, had won. At a news conference held at the district headquarters of the Awami League in Dhaka following the election, he expressed that the choice about the next opposition party in parliament would be made clearer after the official publication of the election results.

“The new Prime Minister, the new leader of the house, will decide who will be the opposition party, considering the reality of the situation,” declared Quader, who is also the current Minister of Road Transport and Bridges. He went on, “Why should I disclose the procedure?” in response to questions regarding the method. The current administration is this one. The prime minister will call a meeting of the parties involved and make choices grounded in the facts.

Speaking to the Awami League-affiliated independent candidates who had won, Quader stressed that they were officially elected representatives of the people and would carry out their parliamentary responsibilities. He brushed off worries about independent candidates, saying there wasn’t time to think about them right now. ‘Many expected that independents will overtake Awami League candidates, but Awami League remains steady,’ commented Quader, taking a jab at his detractors. The fact that 222 candidates from the ruling party have won is a good thing. He clarified, “It is not for recognition; the international world wants to know how our election was conducted.” in reference to foreign reporters and observers. There would be free and fair elections, as we had promised. We invited them to see if our words and conduct aligned with the democratic world.

In response to inquiries concerning BNP remarks against the election, Obaidul Quader stated that he was confident in the impartiality and tranquility of the polls, even in the face of opposition and anti-election actions. He reaffirmed the will of the administration to stop acts of violence and terrorism at any costs.

He said, “The country does not run based on what BNP has said,” in reference to the BNP movement. They claimed that their movement was unable to overthrow the government. They said that this election should not be permitted as well, but would they be able to stop it? Tell me.

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