Rishi Sunak claims that Britain is headed for a hung parliament.


As he urged his MPs to “come together” ahead of the general election, Rishi Sunak declared on Sunday night that Britain is headed for a hung parliament.

The prime minister referred to the local election results as “bitterly disappointing,” noting that the Conservatives had lost the mayoralty and nearly 500 councillors in the West Midlands. However, he took advantage of predictions that Labour would not win a majority if the results were repeated in a general election.

Two Oxford academics from Nuffield College, Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher, used the results of Thursday’s local elections to project what each party would have received nationally.

According to reports, the Tories received just 27% of the vote in 2021, a significant decrease from 40% in that year. Labour’s share increased, from 30% to 34%, but the lead remained narrow at just seven points. Despite polls consistently placing the Labour party 20 points ahead of the Conservatives, this still occurs.

“These results indicate we are heading for a hung parliament with Labour as the largest party,” Mr. Sunak stated.

He went on: “It would be disastrous for Britain if Keir Starmer was supported in Downing Street by the SNP, Liberal Democrats, and Greens.

“The nation needs action, not more political horse trading. The only party with a strategy to fulfill the people’s priorities is us.

The researchers came to the conclusion that although the data indicates that Labour might emerge from the next general election as the largest party in the House of Commons, they might not secure an absolute majority.

Despite the Conservatives’ diminishing support, the Tories seized upon the finding as evidence that Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer had not yet won over the electorate.

“These local election results show that Labour are on track for a rainbow coalition of chaos propped up by the SNP, Lib Dems, and Greens,” a Downing Street source stated.

“The outcomes cast doubt on Sir Keir Starmer’s capacity to secure a majority in the upcoming general election.

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