South Korean parliament has given its approval to a groundbreaking ban on the production and sale of dog meat

South Korea’s parliament bans production, sales of dog meat

In response to growing public concerns about animal rights and the country’s reputation abroad, the South Korean parliament passed a historic ban on the production and sale of dog meat. In an effort to draw attention to the ongoing contentious debate, some dog farmers are voicing their displeasure, threatening to organize protest rallies and challenge the constitutionality of the bill.

Passed by a vote of 208 to 0, the bill provides for a three-year grace period before outlawing the breeding, killing, and sale of dog meat for human consumption starting in 2027. A violation of this law could land a person in jail for two to three years. Although it is not illegal to eat dog meat, new surveys show that public opinion is changing: most South Koreans—more than half—favor a ban on the food, and the majority have stopped eating it.

The legislation emphasizes respect for life and the coexistence of humans and animals in an effort to uphold animal rights values. The bill provides assistance to dog farmers and industry participants in switching to other types of businesses. The passage of the bill was hailed by animal rights activists as a historic occasion.

Because of South Korea’s economic and cultural clout, the country’s dog meat trade has garnered attention from around the world. Dogs are consumed worldwide, but South Korea is unique in that it is the only country with large-scale industrial dog farms. The industry is facing difficulties from activists, shifting public opinion, and now a push for reform in legislation.

The passage of the bill has deeply upset farmers, who see it as an infringement on their right to choose their profession. They intend to stage protests and submit a petition to Korea’s Constitutional Court. There is still debate and worry about how the law will affect dog farmers, especially with regard to assistance and pay.

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