Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament and War Aid at Behrend


A bill authorizing war aid for Taiwan, Israel, and the Ukraine was signed into law by President Joe Biden. Biden gave his approval for the first $1 billion of the $61 billion to be sent to Ukraine. Oleksiy Goncharenko, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, claimed that the money will save lives and have an effect on the United States.

“This will shield American soldiers and officers from engaging in combat with Russian barbarians since the Ukrainian army is prepared to repel them right now; all we need is this support,” Goncharenko stated.

“These young people will soon govern the nation, the world, and the state, so I think it’s very important to address them,” Goncharenko stated.

Students should be exposed to firsthand accounts of global events, according to Penn State Behrend political science associate professor Lena Surzhko Harned. Oleksiy’s presence at this moment is fortunate, as President Biden has signed the aid package that the Ukrainian people have been waiting and suffering for a very long time. It serves to further bolster the sense of support that the US and its citizens are sending forth. Surzhko Harned stated, “I thought it was crucial for the larger community to talk to someone like Oleskiy.”

Goncharenko spoke to the community and campus during his visit to Penn State Behrend. He asserted that educating younger people about the Ukraine crisis and other global events is crucial to our future.

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