Staff in Parliament instructed to refrain from taking photos or recording videos within the House complex.


Employees are cautioned against taking photos and films within Parliament House in a recent circular from the acting joint secretary (security). Certain officials have disregarded directives after being told repeatedly to follow the security protocol. The directive, issued January 19, highlights the Parliament Complex’s elevated security status and names it as India’s most vulnerable location. One of the strategic security procedures is the ban on taking pictures and videos. The safety and security of the complex are directly threatened by cameras, spy cameras, and cellphones. It is strictly forbidden for any officer or employee of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha secretariats, the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, and other affiliated agencies operating within Parliament House Estate to take pictures within the premises. Taking pictures within the complex is absolutely forbidden, even for authorized authorities and tourists using cellphones or other mobile devices.

The circular emphasizes that safeguarding the Parliament, lawmakers, other dignitaries, and its employees is the top responsibility for the Parliament Security Service. This order follows an incident more than a month ago in which two people leaped inside the Lok Sabha chamber, releasing yellow-colored smoke canisters before being overcome by MPs. The budget session of Parliament is scheduled to begin on January 31.

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