States encourage federal parliament to take action on vaping prohibitions.


National health ministers have supported the federal government’s proposed vaping prohibitions, claiming e-cigarettes are being exploited as a recruiting tool for new smokers.

With the goal of enacting the new rules by July 1, the government is working on a measure in parliament that would outlaw the importation, production, and sale of vapes outside of pharmacies.

The ministers of states and territories have now joined forces to demand that the new rules be passed by the parliament, stating that they will not “stand by and let our kids get hooked on nicotine”.

According to the joint statement, they are generating a whole new generation of nicotine users rather than assisting smokers in quitting.It stated that if vapes are considered therapeutic items, Australia should regulate them as such rather than letting them be offered for sale next to chocolate bars at convenience stores that are frequently close to schools.

“It’s now clear vapes are being used to recruit a new generation to nicotine addiction, and it’s working.”

However, the laws may have a challenging journey through parliament.

Although the Coalition has not yet taken an official stance, a number of MPs, especially from the Nationals, have expressed serious concerns.

The Greens also wonder whether “prohibition” is the right course of action and whether vapers will have access to doctors in order to obtain a prescription.Vapes are being sold directly to youth, according to Health Minister Mark Butler, and this calls for a whole different strategy.

Additionally, he refuted the notion that vaping legislation constitute a complete prohibition on vapes.

“This does not imply prohibition,” he declared.

This was advertised as a therapeutic good, and as such, regulations need to apply.

“So it should be available only on prescription, and only through a pharmacy.”

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