The European Parliament’s largest group passes a special resolution on the EU’s strategy for Ukraine’s victory.


A special resolution on the EU’s strategy for Ukraine’s victory has been approved by the European People’s Party (EPP), the biggest political party in the European Parliament and the one most likely to hold onto power following the elections in June.The EU’s suggested strategy for Ukraine’s triumph seeks to rectify these inadequacies by enacting specific reforms to the military assistance framework, shifting the focus from individual to group action and resource distribution.

In order to achieve this, the EPP demands that NATO and the European Commission quickly develop, approve, and put into action a comprehensive collective Ukraine victory strategy that includes political, economic, and military assistance for Ukraine.

The resolution states that the strategy must guarantee that yearly Western military assistance surpasses 0.25% of Western GDP, giving Ukraine three times the level of military assistance it would get in 2023.According to the study, this would enable Ukraine to begin building up the reserves needed to drive out Russian forces in 2025–2026.

The resolution states that in order to be inclusive and promote internal unity, the EU strategy should call for ongoing coordination and talks with important Ukrainian political figures from all political persuasions.

The statement states that each EU member state must enhance its support for Ukraine in order to reach such a vital level of aid.According to the resolution, the EU’s strategy for Ukraine’s triumph ought to factor in contingency measures in the event that the US Congress is unable to reach a consensus on backing Ukraine. The EU ought to be prepared to intervene in this situation and provide the funds that Washington might not provide.

Additionally, the strategy should give priority to initiatives meant to bolster Ukraine’s military-industrial complex in order to lessen reliance on outside aid and guarantee the country’s long-term sustainability.

According to earlier Lithuanian intelligence, the Russian Federation possesses the resources to continue fighting in Ukraine at the current level for at least another two years.Prior to this, French President Emmanuel Macron issued a warning against “a lurking spirit of defeat” and said that he was advocating for a “strategic leap forward” by bringing up the prospect of sending Western soldiers to Ukraine.

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