The French parliament supports the Ukraine security accord.


On March 12, the lower house of the French parliament, the National Assembly, held a vote in the evening and approved the report on the bilateral security pact and the strategy to support Ukraine, which was presented by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal.

Source: Le Figaro, a French newspaper, as cited by European Pravda

99 members of the French Parliament’s lower house voted against the bilateral agreement between France and Ukraine on security cooperation, while 372 members supported it. The vote is not legally enforceable.

In his speech to the National Assembly prior to the vote, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal asked lawmakers to back both Kyiv and the deal.”Voting against it would give Vladimir Putin all the justifications and cues he needs to succeed… He emphasized, “To abstain is to shirk our responsibility to history.”

The majority of MPs supported Ukraine throughout the discussion, despite President Emmanuel Macron’s comments that suggested the deployment of Western soldiers to Ukrainian territory being discussed.

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