The new parliament of Pakistan adopts a resolution against the Israeli conflict in Palestine.


ISLAMABAD A resolution “categorically condemning” the Israeli war in Palestine was voted by Pakistan’s National Assembly on Friday. The assembly was elected late last month.
According to Gaza health authorities, Israel’s air, sea, and ground assault on Gaza has resulted in over 31,000 deaths and over 71,500 injuries in just five months. Israel claims that its attacks started on October 7 in response to an onslaught on communities in southern Israel, which was spearheaded by Hamas and resulted in 1,200 fatalities and 253 hostages.
According to state-run Radio Pakistan, the resolution proposed by Shazia Marri “denounced the continued Israeli aggression which has led to the loss of over thirty thousand lives of Palestinians since October last year.””The resolution urged the federal government to take a more active stand in pressuring other countries to compel Gaza to observe a ceasefire.”
Since October of last year, Pakistan—which does not maintain diplomatic relations with Israel—has sent several shipments of humanitarian goods to Palestine. Surgical supplies, food packs, medications, blankets, and specialty winter tents have made up the majority of the relief.
Islamabad has consistently demanded that humanitarian aid be sent to Gaza more quickly and that there be an immediate truce. As the conflict enters its sixth month, the UN has issued a warning that at least 576,000 Gaza residents face starvation, and international pressure is mounting on Israel to permit greater humanitarian access.

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