The upcoming winter session of the federal parliament is scheduled to take place in mid-February.


KATHMANDU, Jan 13: The government has officially requested the convening of the winter session of the Federal Parliament in mid-February. Despite the winter session being generally allocated for the four months from mid-December to mid-April, the government had first downplayed its relevance this year. But according to recently released material from the Parliament Secretariat, plans are in motion to host the winter session in the middle of February.

Speaker Devraj Ghimire apologized for the wait and assured everyone that the winter session could still be held. Pre-budget talks are on the agenda, according to the Parliament Secretariat, and will be discussed throughout the session.

There are rumors that the government may use the postponement of the legislative session to issue ordinances. On this subject, nevertheless, no formal comment has been issued. Notably, since November 2, the government has not introduced any measures; as a result, the House of Representatives has eighteen bills outstanding and the National Assembly has three bills waiting. Committee approval is still pending for the majority of these measures.

The House of Representatives’ State Affairs Committee is in charge of four of the blocked bills, which include the Monitoring and Evaluation Bill and changes to the Constitutional Council Act. Furthermore, there are delays with laws like the Corruption Prevention Act (First Amendment) and the CIAA Act (Third Amendment). There are numerous additional measures that are either being discussed or stalled in various committees, suggesting that they may require lengthy discussions before moving forward. This puts out the possibility that the winter session will be adjourned for lack of business.

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