Ukraine observes Europe Day as the head of the European Parliament pays an unexpected visit.



Ukraine observed Europe Day on Thursday while Roberta Metsola, the president of the European Parliament, paid an unexpected visit to the nation’s capital, Kyiv.

A year ago today, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a presidential decree designating May 9 as Europe Day in Ukraine.

Zelenskyy claimed to have signed the pertinent proclamation to honor “the unity of all Europeans” who triumphed over Nazism.

“Our Europe is a voluntary union of values made up of millions of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, communities, and nations. And in a message on X, Zelenskyy stated, “And this is the real European strength.”

He expressed that in order to ensure that their children inherit a “peaceful, united Europe,” they must continue to fortify this strength by defending life and shared values throughout our continent.

“Now, seventy-nine years after Nazism was defeated, our Europe has, unfortunately, once again become a battlefield where the fate of not only our Ukrainian nation, but many other nations is being decided,” stated the president of Ukraine in a post on X.

“Life must prevail over Russian air bombs, missiles, assaults, and hatred, which disrupt the lives of millions of Ukrainians while seeing the lives of millions more Europeans as a target,” the speaker continued.

He went on, “It is crucial that we have the support of many free nations and brave, moral people in this battle and that we are not alone in it.”

Metsola, on the other hand, stated on X: “Courage, strength, resolve.” In Kyiv with President (Zelenskyy). Slava, the Ukrainian!

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